Seductive Sensual Massage Sep17

Seductive Sensual Massage

Sexy and beautiful Emily is the guest of honor in this Hegre Art video update as she enjoys a seductive sensual massage! Her lily white skin gets oiled up and is electrified by the touch of the skilled masseuse, and Emily arches her back with her eyes closed as she gives in to the orgasmic pleasure rippling through her nude body. Nobody knows massage better than Hegre and they’ve brought you some of the best sapphic footage around with this hot shoot!

Zaika Zen By Alya

This is a pretty unique gallery just because it was shot with the camera of a professional but the pictures were actually taken by another model named Alya. The model who is actually taking the nude pictures is Zaika she is a rather popular model on Hegre Art and this is just one of the 42...

Oily Lingam Masage Jul25

Oily Lingam Masage

Her face isn’t shown in the clip but I believe the massage therapist for this Oily Lingam Massage is Fabi, but whoever it is apparently has magic hands. A Lingam Massage, if you don’t recognize the term, is a tantric touch massage concentrating on breathing and the male sexual organs…basically it’s a long, slow handjob performed by a very skilled masseuse! Sounds pretty alright, doesn’t it? This guy sure seems to think so, from the sounds he’s making as she works his cock up and down with her oily hands.

Extreme Attraction

Here is a full on boy / girl scene for you guys from Hegre Art. I mean you get to see Flora sucking on mikes cock it doesn’t get any better then this. I remember seeing them in “Making Of The Big Gun” and they were kind of just messing around and Flora would touch his cock but that’s about it. In this gallery though you finally get to see Mike and Flora please each other. Mike starts off by giving her a massage and then the video ends with Flora on top getting her pussy eaten out and returning the favor to Mike by giving him oral...

Erotic Room Service Massage

Emily was in her hotel room and wanted a little relaxation so she decided to splurge, ordering an erotic room service massage…little did she know it would be one of the best and hottest decisions she’d ever make! The masseuse has an incredible touch and pleasures every inch of Emily’s beautiful smooth nude body as she laid on her bed, feeling her stresses drain out of her body while feeling the tingle of excitement as those hands stroked her thighs and breasts and innermost privates to bring her to the peaks of lesbian passion in this beautiful update from Hegre Art.

Sensual Sports Massage

I wish I knew the name of this gorgeous girl, because she has an incredible body and is getting every inch of it rubbed down and caressed by her female masseuse in this Hegre Art video! It’s a sensual sports massage, if you’ve ever heard of such a thing, and maybe this girl pulled a muscle on a run or something because she has the long, lean body of a runner if you ask me. With her gorgeous face, long smooth legs and gorgeous perky breasts she would be a pleasure to rub down, and she is enjoying every moment as her limbs are slowly oiled up and worked.

Double Thai Oil Massage Jun13

Double Thai Oil Massage

This is a really hot Thai massage gallery from Hegre Art. The only problem I have with it is that I can’t figure out the models who are starring in it! I am sure at some point I will figure it out and add them but for now, it’s mystery. These two girls both have great asses and keep their pussy nice and shaven. The professional Thai masseuses give these girls a massage and happy ending their going to talk to their friends about for years! We all can make a girl cum, but I think girls know how to make a girl cum harder then us males can. The massage and happy ending isn’t even the best part about these videos, I would...

Self Massage Jun06

Self Massage

I think a lot of women wonder how to keep their asses in good firm bouncy shape, and this might just be the secret…sexy blonde Erika shows her method for a self-massage, rubbing her hands up and down that gorgeous body to caress her breasts and squeeze her perfect ass in this Hegre Art video update. She’s gorgeous from head to toe and the sight of that exquisite nude body all covered in oil and indulging in a little self-love is just what the doctor ordered for a gloomy day!

Erotic Reiki Massage May07

Erotic Reiki Massage

Valerie has been on the hunt for a masseuse with the healing hands that will release all of her inner tensions and allow her to be in full communication with the sensations of her body, and she has found the perfect practitioner in beautiful Fenna. Fenna covers her lean dark body with aromatic oils, seeking out points of tension and tightness that could do with some loving and skillful attention. This is a beautifully erotic Reiki massage from Hegre Art as Valerie revels in the attention that Fenna is lavishing on her…the fact that Fenna herself is topless and has some of the most perfect breasts you may ever see is just icing on the...

Spasms Orgasm Massage May07

Spasms Orgasm Massage

As an expert massage practitioner herself, Fenna knows the pleasures that can be brought by the healing touch of a skillful masseuse, and allows herself to give in to the sensations as her beautiful nude body is rubbed and touched in this Hegre Art scene. The pangs of pleasure are almost too much to bear as her body arches and moans escape almost unconsciously from her lips as she rocks with the rhythm of the masseuse’s touch, her nipples and lips and vagina almost humming as she is brought further and further towards the edge of ecstasy until at last she climaxes in a huge orgasm like a wave crashing on a...

Power Orgasm Massage Apr08

Power Orgasm Massage

Kiki is ready for the massage of her life, closing her eyes in pleasure as her lean body is rubbed down with scented oils by the talented masseuse, who works her way down Kiki’s body until she’s slipping a finger or two in and out of that tight little pussy. Things are already feeling amazing with this sensual rubdown but they’re about to be elevated beyond her imagining as she sits up in the chair with her legs spread, feeling the hitachi magic wand work its wonders on her clitoris, stimulating her in ways she didn’t even know were possible! As her lust and desires rage and rise she give in to the sensations, moaning...

Black and White Breast Massage Apr08

Black and White Breast Massage

Fenna and Valerie both have incredible breasts and they both love having tons of attention paid to them, so when they got together for this Hegre Art video update entitled Black and White Breast Massage they could hardly contain themselves! We get to enjoy a nice up close and personal look at two lovely pairs of breasts, one white and one black, being cupped and rubbed and squeezed. They massage with a gentle touch moving towards a firm squeeze and nipple tweak, stimulating that very sensitive part of a woman’s body in ways each girl had only dreamt about! No words are spoken but it looks like the beginning of a very intimate lesbian...

Fast Release Massage With Valerie Mar09

Fast Release Massage With Valerie

I feel like it’s really weird when a girl prematurely orgasms but Valerie really just doesn’t give a shit. Here she is getting a massage from another girl who shall remain nameless as she doesn’t really want to be famous. She does however do this for a living or at least she should be cause this girl can just read the body language of Valerie very well. I love this ebony goddess all oiled up and enjoying herself and I suspect most Hegre Art members do as well. Valerie is one of the most popular models for a reason you know!

The Art Of Penis Pleasuring With Fabi

Fabi has been training in the art of penis pleasuring for years and now with this guy’s huge manhood she gets to put her skills to the ultimate test! This Hegre Art video features this lovely woman giving this long meatmace every ounce of pleasure she has at her disposal as she gently rubs and caresses it with both hands. And make no mistake, this is a two hand job…I hear the average penis size is decreasing but man you wouldn’t know it to look at this king-sized cock! Watch her oil it up and give it all the twists and shakes and strokes he can handle.

Triple Magic Orgasm Massage Feb14

Triple Magic Orgasm Massage

Beautiful ebony goddess Valerie knew she was in for a treat when she came to Hegre Art for a nice massage session, but she didn’t know the extent of what she was getting into! After stripping down nude and having her body oiled up and rubbed down by the talented Zana, Valerie was taken to the brink of ecstasy and beyond as her lovely tight pussy was buzzed by the big Hitachi vibrator wand. When she is mounted up in the stirrup chair it’s a whole new power surge as she cums harder than ever in this sexy and sensual update!