The Art Of Penis Pleasuring With Fabi

Fabi has been training in the art of penis pleasuring for years and now with this guy’s huge manhood she gets to put her skills to the ultimate test! This Hegre Art video features this lovely woman giving this long meatmace every ounce of pleasure she has at her disposal as she gently rubs and caresses it with both hands. And make no mistake, this is a two hand job…I hear the average penis size is decreasing but man you wouldn’t know it to look at this king-sized cock! Watch her oil it up and give it all the twists and shakes and strokes he can handle.

Triple Magic Orgasm Massage Feb14

Triple Magic Orgasm Massage

Beautiful ebony goddess Valerie knew she was in for a treat when she came to Hegre Art for a nice massage session, but she didn’t know the extent of what she was getting into! After stripping down nude and having her body oiled up and rubbed down by the talented Zana, Valerie was taken to the brink of ecstasy and beyond as her lovely tight pussy was buzzed by the big Hitachi vibrator wand. When she is mounted up in the stirrup chair it’s a whole new power surge as she cums harder than ever in this sexy and sensual update!

Medical Masturbation Massage With Flora Feb14

Medical Masturbation Massage With Flora

There seems to be an epidemic of horniness going around in the Hegre Art studios…for instance take this latest ‘patient’, Flora! She is stripped nude and massaged, relaxing her body and exciting her senses at the same time with the sensual touch of the talented masseuse, getting her so turned on she basically begs for relief! Zana the masseuse is more than happy to oblige, putting her into the stirrups to get to the root of things and bringing Flora to a mind-blowing orgasm as she receives some much needed intensive care.

Making Of The Big Gu...

We’ve got a special treat for you today…it’s a look behind the scenes to see how the magic is made, courtesy of Hegre Art! Lovely Flora stars opposite her hot ebony cohort, oiling up his lean muscular body and having hers oiled in return. This clip is the making of the big gun and...

Forced Orgasm Massage Jan17

Forced Orgasm Massage

When Leyla showed up for her massage she wasn’t sure what to expect but it sure wasn’t leather straps on the table! Luckily that kind of kink is right up her alley so she wasted no time in putting on a blindfold and allowing herself to be bound helpless on her stomach, hands tied behind her and her ass and pussy exposed for the masseuse’s whims. As she is expertly caressed and teased and rubbed and fingered in this Hegre Art update entitled Forced Orgasm she can’t help but have her lustful passions rise and rise until she just can’t take it anymore and has to cum with an explosive shuddering moan!

Labia Loving Orgasm Massage With Fabi and Dominika Jan07

Labia Loving Orgasm Massage With Fabi and Dominika

The name of this Hegre Art video says it all…Labia Loving Orgasm Massage! That’s this video in a nutshell as Dominika has her tight pussy worked by gentle masseuse Fabi. Seeing a woman blossom in ecstasy as the innermost secrets of her body are revealed by sensual hands is quite an experience, and Hegre brings you into the inner sanctum of passion with this hot lesbian massage video. Dominika has a beautiful body and when it’s oiled up and is having all the stress and tension rubbed out of it, she is ready to share herself and her orgasm with Fabi and with all of us!

Nude Thai Massage With Zaika Dec28

Nude Thai Massage With Zaika

In this new Thai Massage scene from Hegre Art you get to see Zaika getting a massage she will soon not forget. Her whole body is massaged and this Thai masseuse isn’t messing around giving her a actually massage instead of just trying to make her cum. She does end up cumming and seeing that pussy quiver and contract is probably one of my favorite things to see in these erotic massage videos. If you like what you see make sure to check out the full video today!

Tropical Touch Massage Dec13

Tropical Touch Massage

Beautiful blonde Coxy is in for a luxurious treat when she heads to the spa for a Thai style traditional massage! She has her beautiful nude body oiled and rubbed from head to toe, coaxing away all her stress and worries and clearing her mind of the day to day troubles that tend to keep us all knotted up in today’s society. It’s relaxing just watching her be caressed in this Hegre Art update as she receives the tropical touch, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t mind us watching just so long as the rubbing keeps going!

Male / Female Naturist Massage

There’s nothing more natural than a man pleasuring the body of a gorgeous nude woman, so watching this hot Hegre Art video of lovely Flora getting her back and legs and ass and big round breasts massaged is just a glorious thing of beauty. He works the kinks out of every inch of her glistening muscles, working her skin and bringing her to a heightened sense of relaxation and arousal before satisfying her need for release in this video entitled Naturist Nurture!

Pamela Using The Hit...

If you like to see a orgasmic girl then you need to check out all these videos that Pamela has done for Hegre Art! She is a super cute blonde girl with perky natural tits and just a beautiful face. Hegre has her setup against a black background so you have no distraction when you see her...

Therapeutic Thai Massage Nov12

Therapeutic Thai Massage

Monroe had a long day so she was pretty excited for some therapeutic thai massage for this Hegre Art video, and I can’t say I blame her! It’s got to feel great having a pair of skilled hands all over your body, and you can see that it’s really loosening up her muscles and relieving her stress. So much so in fact that after the massage has ended and she’s still lying there nude and oiled up she just has to continue with her own version of a massage, writhing her long beautiful body and running her hands over her pert breasts and down to that wet pussy for a little manual happy ending of her very own!

Hotel Thai Massage With Zaika Oct30

Hotel Thai Massage With Zaika

This is the real deal hidden camera massage. I am sure the Thai girl who was giving the massage new that she was being filmed as there are parts that are super high quality. Hegre Art does the right thing though and blurs out this massage therapists face. Zaika is just a gorgeous woman with a perfect pussy and nice perky tits so she looks amazing being rubbed down so sensually. I actually bet you that this girl who was giving the massage enjoyed it as much as Zaika did.

Flora Sweet Vibratio...

Check out Flora in this new gallery from Hegre Art trying out a Vibrator that I am pretty sure only Hegre has seen before. The thing looks like it does the job though because Flora cums fast and easy. She is a super skinny European model but there is something so sexual about her that you...

Mutual Erogenous Massage With Flora

If a mutual erogenous massage is going to be a successful and stimulating experience for the people involved they both have to give 100% of themselves. In this hot update from Hegre Art, Mike and Flora do just that as they slowly and sensually rub each other with oils, working tension out of some muscles and working sensation and stimulation into others! Flora has her round breasts and tight pussy pleasured as this hot couple build towards what must be an earth-rending climax.

Blissful Body With Y...

I have a girl with a beautiful body and with that being said I love Yara! Here she is wearing nothing but tube socks and taking some very sexy pictures from Petter Hegre. The name of the episode is Blissful Body and I am pretty sure that just says it all right!