Blissful Body With Y...

I have a girl with a beautiful body and with that being said I love Yara! Here she is wearing nothing but tube socks and taking some very sexy pictures from Petter Hegre. The name of the episode is Blissful Body and I am pretty sure that just says it all right!

Breast Mud Mask Massage Sep15

Breast Mud Mask Massage

There’s something deliciously sensual about being covered in mud and in this Hegre Art update beautiful Yara indulges in a nice breast mud mask massage! She has her huge round boobs slathered in mud, getting exfoliated and rejuvenated in the warm caress of nature. Yara drifts off into a relaxed trance while her nipples are rubbed and tweaked and the mud dries to a nice mask…check it out!

Sunrise Beach With Y...

As early evening begins to descend on the calm waters, utterly stunning Yara steps into the waves and strips down nude in this Hegre Art video, letting the gloaming light caress her perfect huge breasts and incredible hips as she fixes you with her sultry gaze.