Erotic Reiki Massage May07

Erotic Reiki Massage

Valerie has been on the hunt for a masseuse with the healing hands that will release all of her inner tensions and allow her to be in full communication with the sensations of her body, and she has found the perfect practitioner in beautiful Fenna. Fenna covers her lean dark body with aromatic oils, seeking out points of tension and tightness that could do with some loving and skillful attention. This is a beautifully erotic Reiki massage from Hegre Art as Valerie revels in the attention that Fenna is lavishing on her…the fact that Fenna herself is topless and has some of the most perfect breasts you may ever see is just icing on the...

Black and White Breast Massage Apr08

Black and White Breast Massage

Fenna and Valerie both have incredible breasts and they both love having tons of attention paid to them, so when they got together for this Hegre Art video update entitled Black and White Breast Massage they could hardly contain themselves! We get to enjoy a nice up close and personal look at two lovely pairs of breasts, one white and one black, being cupped and rubbed and squeezed. They massage with a gentle touch moving towards a firm squeeze and nipple tweak, stimulating that very sensitive part of a woman’s body in ways each girl had only dreamt about! No words are spoken but it looks like the beginning of a very intimate lesbian...

Fast Release Massage With Valerie Mar09

Fast Release Massage With Valerie

I feel like it’s really weird when a girl prematurely orgasms but Valerie really just doesn’t give a shit. Here she is getting a massage from another girl who shall remain nameless as she doesn’t really want to be famous. She does however do this for a living or at least she should be cause this girl can just read the body language of Valerie very well. I love this ebony goddess all oiled up and enjoying herself and I suspect most Hegre Art members do as well. Valerie is one of the most popular models for a reason you know!

Triple Magic Orgasm Massage Feb14

Triple Magic Orgasm Massage

Beautiful ebony goddess Valerie knew she was in for a treat when she came to Hegre Art for a nice massage session, but she didn’t know the extent of what she was getting into! After stripping down nude and having her body oiled up and rubbed down by the talented Zana, Valerie was taken to the brink of ecstasy and beyond as her lovely tight pussy was buzzed by the big Hitachi vibrator wand. When she is mounted up in the stirrup chair it’s a whole new power surge as she cums harder than ever in this sexy and sensual update!

Erotic Bed Massage With Valerie Sep25

Erotic Bed Massage With Valerie

Here is Valerie getting a massage in a update from Hegre Art called Erotic Bed Massage. The girl giving our ebony beauty the massage is Zana and she I just love the way she works her fingers on Valerie. Valerie tries to hold back her orgasm for as long as she can because it’s feeling so well but with Zana working those fingers as fast as she is Valerie can’t help but explode.