Bondage Femdom Massage Feb13

Bondage Femdom Massage

If you’ve got some kinks in your muscles that need to be rubbed out and you also love rubbing one out of your love muscle when you think of kink, this Bondage FemDom Massage might just be what you’ve been searching for! Beautiful and seductive Flora ties her client down with restraints and then starts working his nude body with her skilled hands, bringing him to a state of relaxation coupled with lust as his cock stiffens with every brush of her fingers and tongue. Soon she slips a blindfold on his eyes and the real fun begins as she grinds her pussy on his helpless face and has her way with every inch of his body in one of the...

Erotic Beauty Massage Nov01

Erotic Beauty Massage

Beautiful blonde Milena showed up to the Hegre Art studios for a little surprise session, she wasn’t quite sure what she was in for…but she knew it would be hot! They put her in this modified doctor’s examination chair and the talented masseuse proceeded to bring every part of Milena’s body to the peaks of pleasure as she rubbed oil into her skin and massaged every inch, lingering on those pert nipples and finally drifting down to slide through her hairy bush and part her tight pussy lips as she sighed with pleasure! Milena had her vagina caressed and tantalized and penetrated until finally being lifted into a nice...

Seductive Sensual Massage Sep17

Seductive Sensual Massage

Sexy and beautiful Emily is the guest of honor in this Hegre Art video update as she enjoys a seductive sensual massage! Her lily white skin gets oiled up and is electrified by the touch of the skilled masseuse, and Emily arches her back with her eyes closed as she gives in to the orgasmic pleasure rippling through her nude body. Nobody knows massage better than Hegre and they’ve brought you some of the best sapphic footage around with this hot shoot!

Oily Lingam Masage Jul25

Oily Lingam Masage

Her face isn’t shown in the clip but I believe the massage therapist for this Oily Lingam Massage is Fabi, but whoever it is apparently has magic hands. A Lingam Massage, if you don’t recognize the term, is a tantric touch massage concentrating on breathing and the male sexual organs…basically it’s a long, slow handjob performed by a very skilled masseuse! Sounds pretty alright, doesn’t it? This guy sure seems to think so, from the sounds he’s making as she works his cock up and down with her oily hands.

Erotic Room Service Massage

Emily was in her hotel room and wanted a little relaxation so she decided to splurge, ordering an erotic room service massage…little did she know it would be one of the best and hottest decisions she’d ever make! The masseuse has an incredible touch and pleasures every inch of Emily’s beautiful smooth nude body as she laid on her bed, feeling her stresses drain out of her body while feeling the tingle of excitement as those hands stroked her thighs and breasts and innermost privates to bring her to the peaks of lesbian passion in this beautiful update from Hegre Art.

Sensual Sports Massage

I wish I knew the name of this gorgeous girl, because she has an incredible body and is getting every inch of it rubbed down and caressed by her female masseuse in this Hegre Art video! It’s a sensual sports massage, if you’ve ever heard of such a thing, and maybe this girl pulled a muscle on a run or something because she has the long, lean body of a runner if you ask me. With her gorgeous face, long smooth legs and gorgeous perky breasts she would be a pleasure to rub down, and she is enjoying every moment as her limbs are slowly oiled up and worked.